Neuropsychological Health & Rehabilitation Services

Dedicated to effective and compassionate care for individuals with neurological challenges.

Our team of experienced Psychologists & Brain Injury professionals provide neuropsychological rehabilitation and treatment for individuals with brain injuries and other neurological impairments. We utilize a comprehensive approach based on proven, research-based methods to rebuild and restore cognitive behavior. We provide neuropsychological rehabilitation of brain injury and related disorders in Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey. Our team of Psychologists & Brain Injury professionals are here to help at 3 convenient locations in Toms RiverManahawkin, and Freehold, NJ.

Psychologists & Brain Injury Specialists

Our Neuropsychology team is composed of talented psychologists, therapists, and specialists licensed and certified in their respective fields:  clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology, rehabilitation, biofeedback, counseling, speech therapy, ADHD coaching, and brain injury rehabilitation.

Why Choose Pathways

Comprehensive Evaluation

Success starts with an accurate understanding of the problem.

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Clinical Interview
  • Rating Scales
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Psychological Testing

Cognitive Training

Cognitive training can enhance memory, mental agility and attention.

  • Attention/Concentration
  • Memory
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Sequencing
  • Problem Solving
3 Ways Dyslexia is Experienced

The 3 Ways Dyslexia is Experienced

Dyslexia is more complex than what was originally understood. Research now demonstrates that there are 3 subsets of dyslexia; phonological awareness, rapid automated naming, and double deficit. This was demonstrated by different patterns of brain activation of the participants when reading and rhyming words.
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Phonemic Awareness and Its Importance for Academic Skills

Phonemic awareness is the ability to be aware of and use individual sounds, also known as phonemes, in spoken words. Phonemic awareness is crucial for developing fluent reading. Phonological awareness refers to the broader skill of recognizing and utilizing units or oral language.
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Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia

Academic accommodations for students with dyslexia are critical for short-term and long-term educational success. The right accommodations can not only allow the student to perform to his/her true academic potential, but also prevent the student from experiencing issues with self-esteem related to learning difficulties related to dyslexia.

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I am happy with everything here. i think the service is great. Dr. gordon is wonderful!

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My therapist is wonderful as is the office staff! Everyone is always smiling and that helps me!

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