The IQ Test Broken Down

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The IQ, Intelligence Quotient, test is a standardized test created to measure intelligence.  It is a helpful tool to predict academic and vocational success. The idea behind the IQ test is that by assessing certain measurable cognitive abilities of a person, one can make predictions regarding a person’s abilities and future functioning. Questions on the test range from vocabulary to pattern completions to arithmetic problems. While some of these questions test general knowledge, others test the ability to learn. These questions hone in on your short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical skills, and spacial recognition.

Here at Pathways, we administer official Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC-V) and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV) IQ tests for children and adults, respectively, and give you professional insight into what your score really means. The results of the test are weighted against people of the same age and then the numbers are normalized such that a score of 100 is average. Your place above or below that mark gauges approximately how your cognitive skills are compared to the average population. The placing on the scale is a helpful predictor of academic performance and general success. Parents, for instance, often consider giving their children the IQ test when their child is having learning difficulties at school. Since school curriculums are geared for the average learner, the IQ test can give insight of where a child lies compared to that base line. From there, our team of experienced child psychologists, in collaboration with the parents and teachers, can work towards locating the source of the academic disconnect and set forth a plan of action accordingly. Sometimes this entails considering a more accelerated track, digging deeper to understand his or her behavioral and learning characteristics better, or finding gifted educational programs. IQ tests are also very useful for making diagnostic decisions for ADD/ADHD or the presence of cognitive impairments from a concussion or TBI.


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